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Hospital Products

Gown With Velcro
WPCO-7154 Gown With Velcro Fastening Small
WPCO-7155 Gown With Velcro Fastening Medium
WPCO-7156 Gown With Velcro Fastening Large
WPCO-7157 Gown With Velcro Fastening X-Large
WPCO-7164 Gown Surgical Standard Protection Small Double Wrap
WPCO-7165 Gown Surgical Standard Protection Medium Double Wrap
WPCO-7166 Gown Surgical Standard Protection Large Double Wrap
WPCO-7167 Gown Surgicalo Standard Protection X-Large Double Wrap
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Face Mask
WPCO-7225 Face Mask (Surgeons Mask) 3 Ply, Tie Back-Diff Colours
WPCO-7230 Face Mask (Surgeons Mask) 3 Ply, Ear Loop—Diff Colours
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Surgeons / Ot Cap Non  Woven
WPCO-7300 Surgeons / Ot Cap Non Woven—Universal Sizes
WPCO-7310 Surgeons / Ot Cap Air Permeable—Universal Sizes
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Mattress Cover Non Woven
WPCO-7350 Mattress Cover Non-Woven Small
WPCO-7351 Mattress Cover Non-Woven Medium
WPCO-7352 Mattress Cover Non-Woven Large
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