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Ophthalmic Instruments

Bonn Forcep
WPCO-4200  Bonn Forcep Short Model 0.12mm
WPCO-4201  Bonn Forcep Long Model 0.12mm
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Barraquer Colibri
WPCO-4210  Barraquer Colibri Forcep 0.12mm
WPCO-4221  Barraquer Colibri Forcep 0.20mm
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Utrata Capsularhexsis Forcep
WPCO-4230  Utrata Capsularhexsis Forcep Angled
WPCO-4231  Utrata Capsularhexis Forcep Masket
WPCO-4235  Utrata Capsularhexis Forcep Angled Round Handle
WPCO-4236  Utrata Capsularhexis Forcep Masket Round Handle
WPCO-4240  Vannas Type Utrata Forcep 1.8mm Angled
WPCO-4241  Vannas Type Utrata Forcep 1.8mm Masket
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Lims Corneal
WPCO-4260  Lims Corneal Forcep Big
WPCO-4261  Lims Corneal Forcep Small
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Barraquer Tying Forcep
WPCO-4280  Barraquer Tying Forcep Straight
WPCO-4281  Barraquer Tying Forcep Curved
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Harms Tying Forcep
WPCO-4290  Harms Tying Forcep (Jaffe Tying) Straight
WPCO-4291  Harms Tying Forcep (Jaffe Tying) Curved
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Kelman Macpherson Forcep
WPCO-4295  Kelman Macpherson Forcep 11mm Angled
WPCO-4296  Kelman Macpherson Forcep 10mm Angled
WPCO-4297  Kelman Macpherson Forcep 8mm Angled
WPCO-4299  Kelman Macpherson Forcep 5mm Angled
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Bechert Nucleus Rotator
WPCO-D4500  Bechert Nucleus Rotator (Y Rotator)
Plastic Handle / Metal Tip
WPCO-4500  Bechert Nucleus Rotator (Y Rotator)
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Sinskey Lens Manipulator
WPCO-D 4510  Sinskey Lens Manipulator (Lens Dialor)
Plastic Handle / Metal Tip
WPCO-4510  Sinskey Lens Manipulator (Lens Dialor)
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Jaffe Spatula
WPCO-D4515  Jaffe Spatula (Flat & Round)
Plastic Handle / Metal Tip
WPCO-4515  Jaffe Spatula (Flat & Round)
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Phaco Chopper
WPCO-D4555  Phaco Chopper (D / Blunt Chopper)
Plastic Handle / Metal Tip
WPCO-4555  Phaco Chopper (D / Blunt Chopper)
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Universal Chopper
WPCO-D4560  Universal Chopper (Fine / Sharp Chopper)
Plastic Handle / Metal Tip
WPCO-4560  Universal Chopper (Fine / Sharp Chopper)
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Graether Collar Button
WPCO-D4505  Graether Collar Button Straight / Angled
Plastic Handle / Metal Tip
WPCO-4505  Graether Collar Button Straight / Angled
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Kuglen Hook & Manipulator
WPCO-D4520  Kuglen Hook & Manipulator Straight / Angled
Plastic Handle / Metal Tip
WPCO-4520  Kuglen Hook & Manipulator Straight / Angled
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Iris Scissor
WPCO-4700  Iris Scissor Straight 9cm
WPCO-4701  Iris Scissor Curved 9cm
WPCO-4702  Iris Scissor Straight 10.5cm
WPCO-4703  Iris Scissor Curved 10.5cm
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Tenotomy Scissor
WPCO-4715  Tenotomy Scissor Straight Small
WPCO-4716  Tenotomy Scissor Curved Small
WPCO-4717  Tenotomy Scissor Straight Big
WPCO-4718  Tenotomy Scissor Curved Big
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Vannas Scissor
WPCO-4735  Vannas Scissor Straight 7mm
WPCO-4736  Vannas Scissor Curved 7mm
WPCO-4737  Vannas Scissor Straight 10mm
WPCO-4738  Vannas Scissor Curved 10mm
WPCO-4740  Vannas Scissor Front Angled 6mm
WPCO-4745  Vannas Scissor Front Angled 11mm
WPCO-4749  Vannas Scissor Capsulotomy Curved 14mm
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Westcott Tenotomy Scissor
WPCO-4760  Westcott Tenotomy Scissor Blunt Tips-Minning
WPCO-4761  Westcott Tenotomy Scissor Sharp Tips-Minning
WPCO-4765  Westcott Tenotomy Scissor Blunt Tips-Hole
WPCO-4766  Westcott Tenotomy Scissor Sharp Tips-Hole
WPCO-4770  Mcpherson Westcott Tenotomy Scissor Blunt Tips-Hole
WPCO-4771  Mcpherson Westcott Tenotomy Scissor Sharp Tips-Hole
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Corneal Scissor
WPCO-4780  Corneal Scissor Slight Curved-Hole / Minning
WPCO-4781  Corneal Scissor Half Curved-Hole / Minning
WPCO-4782  Corneal Scissor Full Curved-Hole / Minning
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Barraquer Needle Holder
WPCO-4820  Barraquer Needle Holder W/O Lock Standard Model
WPCO-4821  Barraquer Needle Holder With Lock Standard Model
WPCO-4825  Barraquer Needle Holder W/O Lock Medium
WPCO-4826  Barraquer Needle Holder With Lock Medium
WPCO-4830  Barraquer Needle Holder W/O Lock Short Model
WPCO-4831  Barraquer Needle Holder With Lock Short Model
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Barraquer Wire Eye Speculum
WPCO-4000  Barraquer Wire Eye Speculum Heavy Wire Adult
WPCO-4001  Barraquer Wire Eye Speculum Adult
WPCO-4002  Barraquer Wire Eye Speculum Child
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Barraquer Solid Balde Speculum
WPCO-4005  Barraquer Solid Balde Speculum Adult
WPCO-4007  Barraquer Solid Blade Speculum Child
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Kratz Wire Speculum
WPCO-4010  Kratz Wire Speculum Adult
WPCO-4011  Kratz Wire Speculum Child
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