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Ophthalmic Products

Disposable Blades
WPCO-150  Disposable Blades 15 Degree
WPCO-151  Disposable Blades 2.8 mm (45 Deg)
WPCO -152  Disposable Blades 2.5/2.6mm (45 Deg)
WPCO -153  Disposable Blades 3.0mm (45 Deg)
WPCO -154  Disposable Blades 3.2mm (45 Deg)
WPCO -157  Disposable Blades 5.2mm (45 Deg)
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Disposable Simcoe Cannula
WPCO-D5801      Disposable Simcoe Cannula 23g Regular
WPCO -D5801/A  Disposable Simcoe Cannula 22g Regular
WPCO -D5801/B  Disposable Simcoe Cannula 21g Regular
WPCO -D5802     Disposable Simcoe Cannula 23g Reverse
WPCO -5802/A    Disposable Simcoe Cannula 22g Reverse
WPCO -5802/B    Disposable Simcoe Cannula 21g Reverse
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Irrigating Cystotome
WPCO-5950      Irrigating Cystotome 25g (0.50 X 16mm)
WPCO -5950/A  Irrigating Cystotome 27g (0.40 X 16mm)
WPCO-5950/B   Irrigating Cystotome 30g (0.30 X 16mm)
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PFS With Cannula
WPCO-0342  PFS With Cannula
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Flureciene Strips
WPCO-0361  Flureciene Strips
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PMMA Intraocular Lens
WPCO-0450  PMMA Intraocular Lens
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Universal Eye Shield
WPCO-0410  Universal Eye Shield (Transparent / Coloured)
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Disposable Injector and Catridge
WPCO-0480  Disposable Injector and Catridge
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Cellulose Sponge Spear (Absorbent Stick) PK Of 10
WPCO-9055  Cellulose Sponge Spear (Absorbent Stick) PK Of 10
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PVA Traingular Spear Sponge (Absorbent  Stick) PK Of 10
WPCO-9050  PVA Traingular Spear Sponge (Absorbent Stick) PK Of 10
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PVA  Eye  Wick
WPCO-9150  PVA Eye Wick
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